She kept conversation on a formal plane.

We can deliver within a week.

I think we can agree on that.

Even your faults do not lessen my respect for you, and in friendship this is what counts.

Do you have any in red?

I called Hsuan.

Having worked all day, you must be exhausted.


Daniel came to his birthday party dressed as a clown.

It took a long time, but in the end I was able to convince him.

I make a lot of money.

We are all eager to watch the movie.

Sandy doesn't think Debi's plan is feasible.


You're not the only one who's been asked to help.


I respect Kieran a lot.


She got into the car and drove off.


It was very romantic.


I feel perfectly fine.


Please show me your driver's license.


Annard doesn't often beg.


Dori wishes Steen would pay more attention to him when he talks.

He's sure that he'll win the game.

Is it true that it's easy to get laid in Japan?

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Will you put us up for one night?

Is it made of wood or metal?

I have some good news to share.

A crisis in France could be bad for America.

The soldiers laughed.


I don't feel like telling her about it.

A thousand dollars is a large sum.

Won't you speak to Edith about it?

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No one will bother you here.


She took my hint and smiled.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.

I will always detest Casper.

He is a little bit more careful than I.

Actually, Vidhyanath is my boss.


Gregor and Beverly talked about many things.


Tickets are free on a first-come, first-serve basis on the night of the performance.

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Feel free to look around.

Make a choice.

I'm a good cook.


Throw the egg shells in the organic rubbish bin.

Are you still looking for her?

I'll let Bobby explain.

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Welcome back!

Yes, I will come with you.

Sandy is the most popular boy in the class.


It's frozen hard.

I'm not going to mess it up.

Jill explained in detail what he had seen.

Teresa called.

Shall we meet tomorrow?


She saved the drowning child at the risk of her own life.


I often sit up late at night to read.


Do you know the words to that song?


Feast all night and fight all day!

I'm a pretty happy guy.

I know who likes Sachiko.


I like sushi.

I said that to myself.

And what did she answer?

I had my pocket picked in the bus.

This could take some time.

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The country is in the grasp of the enemy.

Jacobson had a little to drink.

Linder can't ride a bike.

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I saw her enter the room.

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This is same type of camera as the one I lost.

This is the camera I bought yesterday.

I saw the figure of a man.


I framed him.


What does your mother call you?

Have you got a lighter?

Does she like orange?

Soon enough, countries splintered all over Terra to create over a thousand small countries.

Dozens of letters are awaiting you.


He tried to stab me in the back.

She is awkward.

You're needed in the clinic.

I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you.

Please feel free to ask me any question.

Do you really think Gabriel can hear us?

He believed in protecting the United States' wilderness areas.

"I guess it's too late now." "No, Art. It's never too late!"

He grabbed my arm.


How do I get to the library?


Money cannot make up for lost time.

He's capable of anything.

Who wrote the book?

They blamed Emil for causing the accident.

"We need to get rid of the body," said Elijah.

All are happy in my family.

What do you think are the racial traits of the Japanese?

I can't believe that you kissed Ronald.

It's easy to understand why Reinhard doesn't like it here.


You can't carry on like this.


We went on our vacation then.


Mariou took a walk in the park.


That lift makes a lot of noise.

There was no sign of a shark.

Dan was fired from his job at the water company.


The magician had the children's attention.

What is popular now?

I forbid you to leave.


I stopped drinking coffee.

Do you have a Kleenex?

Many unfair things happened.

You've probably seen a lot worse.

It's been ten years since he came to Japan.

I'd like to check in.

We shall fix all bugs today before leaving the office.

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Stay out of the water.

Jayant told me about the big fish that got away.

It's the first time I pull Taninna's hair just as she pulls mine!


The government doesn't invest much in education.


I also feel more at ease when my wife is not around.

I'm sending you a birthday present by airmail.

There were two hundred people in the room.

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I'm proud of my dad.

Nou and Billy are my friends.

These boots belong to her.

We will agree only under that condition.

Robbin told me you might be able to help.

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They want the best.


Why don't you try asking Shankar for advice?

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I used to play in that park.

Around the city ran a river.

Cole won't catch me.


She is in the bathroom.

I did that which she asked me to do.

Wilmer had a bad day.

Last night, there was thunder and lightning.

Frederick misses you.


I think I know where Gene went.

Earnie is very handsome, isn't he?

It was such a fine day that we had a very good time.

I bet I can do better than Jane.

Please file a written request.

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The periodic flooding of the Nile is very important to Egypt.

We should never forget that the Titanic was built by professionals and Noah's Ark was built by laymen...

Darin has already gone across the bridge.

Someone should do something about this.

It is easy to read this book.

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Maybe Kathy knows something.


I'm drinking milk.

Brazil lost a great artist.

Bricks never take the place of ferro-concrete here.

My father never talked about the war.

I think I'm going to buy myself a cellphone tomorrow.